How to Control Stubborn Hip Pain, Reduce Practitioner Visits & Reclaim Your Sleep, Naturally.

Clinically Tested & Developed Over 30 Years.

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Take Control of Hip Pain

An experienced clinician's perspective on what you can do to help yourself and avoid repeat consultations. It matters because hip pain leads to osteoporosis of disuse, isolation, depression, hip surgery and respiratory issues eg: pneumonia. As well as abandoned career paths for younger people.

Regardless of age, you don't have to suffer from hip pain. Young or old, careers and quality of life are greatly affected because of pain. Hip pain also leads to sleep issues and they, in turn, lead to other issues. Dancers, those on their feet, those who have hip-popping noises need this course. Controlling pain then eliminating it means less chance of surgery and medication dependence. Daniel Dahdah knows about hip pain. After 30-years of consulting patients, and with personal experience of overcoming hip pain, he offers a comprehensive overview of how simple habits around the home are literally killing people. With thousands of consultations performed, he has assembled a list of commonly performed daily habits that cause continued pain around the hip/leg/groin. This is not a stretch course. This is knowledge-based with practical application. Without it, you'll end up going round in circles with repeat visit after visit to your practitioner. You can achieve better outcomes and here's how. Habit Driven Health.

Who Should Take This Course?

Stubborn Hip Pain, Bursitis, Flexor Pain conditions, Glute Medius Tears Mandatory course for those with CFS/ME
Gardeners, Manual workers, Prolonged periods of Standing Those at risk due to depression-related immobility
Trades, Labourers and Sales reps Those who want to control now (proactive)
Athletes, Dancers, Parkour, Squash  People who sit-to-stand at work
Parents with children or Pets Healthcare workers who bend over beds
Those who can't sleep on the sore side All aged people esp. those with dizziness

The reality is, either when we age or if we overuse our hips, we start to feel more pain. And some pains cause further problems. For example, hip pain alters sleeping positions and sleep has a major effect in determining overall health. Learn how to activate your body's healing and stop these habits from turning it OFF. Habit Driven Health is neither difficult nor time-consuming and is probably the most effective way of avoiding hip pain and replacement. It has saved many from a life of drudgery and restored many hopes. Please enjoy this very practical programme

Course Curriculum

Pain and Age Appropriate Activities that Switch on Healing